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English is the most widely spoken language in the world, when counting both native and non-native speakers, and is the second mostly widely used native language, just behind Chinese. It plays a pivotal role in international business, politics, diplomacy, policy, and science and technology, and has a rich history of literature, philosophy, and scholarship. Below are resources about the English language and its history and use.


English Slang and Idioms - A massive dictionary of all manner of slang and such in English, from the hot and steamy to the swank and sexy, everything is in here, or will be.

The Pirate Dictionary - A collection of pirate words and expressions, plus information about famous pirates and their lives.

Spelling in English

The Alphabet and Simplified Spelling, Mark Twain's remarks about the irregularities and irrationality of spelling in the English language.

McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Bookpdf, by W. H. McGuffey. A spelling primer from 100 years ago in PDF format. Enjoy the challenge of seeing if you can keep up with your great grandparents.

Linguistic Details

Phobia Names, an extremely comprehensive and entertaining list of all the names of phobias in English, including things you never thought you could be afraid of.

The Most Common Words in English, a list of the words we use the most when speaking or writing the English language, plus some statistics about their usage.

The American "R", hints and tongue-twisters about pronouncing the american "R".

External Education Links

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