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Names of Phobias in English

English provides a rather extensive list of all the possible things people can be afraid of. Although phobias in the clinical sense must be taken seriously, the names for some of the more unlikely phobias can be quite entertaining. The list below includes both the phobias found in psychiatry as well as some more fanciful ones. Enjoy.

Acarophobia Fear of mites, parasites
Acousticophobia Fear of noise
Acrophobia Fear of heights
Aelurophobia Fear of cats
Aerophobia Fear of air
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces, the outdoors
Aichurophobia Fear of being touched by pointed objects
Algophobia Fear of pain
Alychiphobia Fear of failure
Amathophobia Fear of dust
Amaxophobia Fear of riding in vehicles
Ambulophobia Fear of walking
Androphobia Fear of men
Anemophobia Fear of cyclones, hurricanes, wind
Anglophobia Fear of English people
Anthophobia Fear of flowers
Anthropophobia Fear of people
Antlophobia Fear of floods
Anuptaphobia Fear of staying single
Apiophobia Fear of bees
Aquaphobia Fear of water
Arachibutyrophobia Fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the proof of the mouth
Arachnephobia Fear of spiders
Asthenophobia Fear of weakness
Astraphobia Fear of lightning, thunder
Ataxiophobia Fear of disorder
Auroraphobia Fear of northern lights
Automysophobia Fear of being dirty
Bacilliphobia Fear of bacilli
Bacteriaphobia Fear of bacteria
Ballistrophobia Fear of being shot
Basophobia Fear of standing (for fear of falling)
Batarachophobia Fear of frogs, toads
Bathophobia Fear of depth
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Blennophobia Fear of slime
Blenophobia Fear of pins and needles
Bogyphobia Fear of demons and goblins
Bromidrosophobia Fear of body smells
Brontophobia Fear of thunderstorms
Cainophobia Fear of novelty
Cardiophobia Fear of heart disease
Cathisophobia Fear of sitting
Catophtrophobia Fear of mirrors
Cheimaphobia Fear of cold
Cherophobia Fear of gaiety
Chionophobia Fear of snow
Chrematophobia Fear of wealth
Chromophobia Fear of colors
Chronophobia Fear of time
Cibophobia Fear of food
Claustrophobia Fear of enclosed spaces
Climacophobia Fear of staircases
Coitophobia Fear of sexual intercourse
Cometophobia Fear of comets

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