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A descendant of Latin, Spanish is now the most widely spoken Romance language, being used throughout Latin American (except for Brazil) and in the United States, plus in Spain. This creates considerable confusion, as the language varies, sometimes substantially, from region to region. The Spanish language has, over the centuries, contributed brilliant literature, including most famously Don Quixote, as well as wonderful cinema and music. It's also the second most commonly spoken language in the United States.


Slang and Colloquialisms - Like all people, Spanish speakers have a wide variety of earthy, pithy, and even rough and rude ways of talking about life. Covered here are the words and phrases often ignored in dictionaries, with comments on which expression is used where.

Everything you want to know about the slang words chingar, puta, cabrón, mierda, and joder.

Idioms - A collection of common idioms used in Spanish, with natural English translations and definitions.

Proverbs and Sayings - A practical, complete guide to the many proverbs and sayings used in the modern language. Newspapers, speeches, even television and movie dialog routinely use these, so knowing them is vital.

Medical Spanish - The words and phrases you need to know if you work in a bilingual English-Spanish medical environment.

Tips and Tricks

Ser and Estar explains how to use these two verbs, both of which mean 'to be' in English, and how to avoid common mistakes with them.

Spanish Is Hard dispels the myth that Spanish is a just like English and a cake walk in school, and gives tips for learning it more quickly.

Tú, Usted, Vos, Vosotros - A guide to where and how to use these pronouns in the Spanish-speaking world, and what the differences are.

Vaya Con Dios - An explanation of this old but still used phrase for "good-bye", and the many better alternatives to use.

External Linkslink

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Real Academia Española, the online dictionary of the Spanish language and more from the Royal Academy.

Academia Mexicana de la Lengua, a searchable dictionary of Mexican Spanish, including slang and idioms.

SpanisSense, language learning materials using podcasts and downloadable lessons. The podcasts are fun and free, and the other content requires a subscription.

Spanish Courses in Spain, intensive Spanish programs with excellent facilities and activities

Spanish Courses in Mexico, these Spanish courses in Mexico have intensive, interactive programs designed to meet the needs of each student.

Notes in Spanish, language learning materials from Ben and Maria in Spain, including free podcasts at various levels and subscription-based learning materials.