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For Translators and Interpreters

Translator's Resume (1)pdf - A resume for a translator who has completed a graduate-level education in translation and is just entering the industry. Note that here, education is emphasized as a form of experience.

Translator's Resume (2)pdf - A resume for a translator who has completed a certificate program in translation and has a little professional experience. Note that this resume balances education and professional experience

Translator's Resume (3)pdf - A resume for a translator and interpreter with considerable education and experience. This resume is a useful guide for those who have been in the industry a while and are looking for a new position.

Sample Invoicepdf - A standard invoice for use by freelance translators or interpreters when invoicing a client. Note that this invoice can be created in a word processor or within dedicated accounting package.

Ebooks About Language

Grammar of the Mutsun Languagepdf, by Rev. Padre Fray Felipe Arroyo de la Cuesta. A general treatment of the Mutsun language, once spoken in Central California near Monterey. Text in Spanish.

Grammatical Sketch of the Heve Languagepdf, translated by Buckingham Smith (from an unpublished manuscript). A description of the Heve language spoken in the Sonoran region of Mexico and the American Southwest.

International Language: Past, Present, and Futurepdf, by W. J. Clark. A description and discussion of an artificial language for use by the entire world, including samples and grammar for Esperanto.

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speechpdf, by Edward Sapir. A general introduction to the subject of language, without technical jargon or linguistic details, by one of the foremost linguists in history.

Lectures on Languagepdf, by William S. Balch. A collection of lectures on the proper, correct use of language, with examples of what is and is not considered good English. Though dated, still useful as a reference and interesting for its historical perspective.

McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Bookpdf, by W. H. McGuffey. A spelling primer from 100 years ago. Enjoy the challenge of seeing if you can keep up with your great grandparents.

Latin for Beginnerspdf, by Benjamin L. D'Oogle, Ph.D. An introductory reader for the Latin language. Though published about a century ago, Latin hasn't changed since then, so this book is still quite useful.

New Latin Grammarpdf, by Charles E. Bennett. Exactly what it sounds like, though it's not new by today's standards. Instead, it is a treatment of the Latin language, both thorough and precise, and still useful since the Latin has been dead for hundreds of years.

Wine, Women, and Songpdf, Medieval Latin Student's Songs, including translation and commentary by John Addington Symonds.

Le Corbeau (The Raven)pdf, by Edgar Allen Poe. His classic poem with parallel French translation. Fun to study and compare how the poetry works in each language.