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Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT for short) and its close cousin, Machine-assisted Translation (MAT for short) are ever present in the translation and interpretation profession, and are making a significant impact in a variety of ways. News about new software packages that translate various language pairs, new technology for producing or understanding human speech, or even gestures, and reports on new methodologies, such as statistical machine translation, pepper the news almost on a daily basis. In an attempt to provide a realistic, balanced, and useful perspective on these developments, the Language Realm is dedicated to creating regular updates on MT and MAT. If you have news to share, please use our contact form.

How to Stump MT (1) - An article about homonyms and the problems they create for machine translation systems.

How to Stump MT (2) - An article about deep context, using singular/plural nouns as an example for a substantial hurdle MT systems face.

How to Stump MT (3) - An article about the problems of prepositions with multiple meanings, and what MT mangles them into.

How to Stump MT (4) - An article about self-referential utterances and how rule-based and statistical systems fail to translate them correctly.

US Marine Corps MT Test - A declassified document in PDF format about the USMC's experience field-testing a handheld MT system for Korean and English in Korea.

Memories for Sale - A look at the evolving business of marketing translation memories.

MT Critique - An examination of the potential and limits of the statistical approach to MT.

MT Moving Forward - A review of recent developments, including DARPA's GALE, in the MT industry.

Statistical Assumptions - A look at the basic concepts behind statistical machine translation, and the underlying assumptions that are not being discussed.

Battlefield MT - The War on Terror is directing vast sums of research funding to universities and companies to develop useful translation tools. Here we look at some of them.

SRI Voice Input - A company called SRI has developed a handheld tool for basic MT needs in Iraq. Like many simple devices, it works in some situations, but fails in others.

Medical MT - A look at a new system in Canada for providing MT for patients in hospitals.

MT Reality Check - An examination, including sample output for several MT systems, of what current MT is really capable of.

MT in 2006 - A look at the most recent developments in the world of MT, and what might be coming soon.