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Articles About Translation

Translation and interpretation, both the art and the profession, are complex, varied, and not well understood. Even practitioners often have doubts or questions about their craft. Newcomers to the profession have questions, and people who work with translators or interpreters have a lot to learn. The following articles are intended to fill in some of the gaps as best as possible.

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Translation Memories: Boon or Bane?

About the translation of swear words

The history of translation - A short overview

What's a translated name?

Russian Website Translation - A True Professional′s Job

Why machines get lost in translationy about the aspects where machines and technology may fail on human languages.

Unauthorized Harry covers the unauthorized translations of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and why the real translation will be worth the wait.

Errors & Omissions Insurance examines what such insurance offers and whether or not freelance translators need it.

Starting a Career in Translation gives an overview of how to get ready to be a translator.

Lord Woodhouselee takes a look at the work of this man and his ideas about translation, many of which are still relevant today.

Translating Terrorism asks and answers the question: who is translating for the terrorists during interrogations?

Translating for the Intelligence Community looks at getting a job with the CIA, NSA, or other covert agency, and what is involved in working there.

MIIS and DLI spells out the differences between these two oft-confused organizations.

DLI Training explains what the Defense Language Institute actually does, and what its graduates are really capable of.

Words and Productivity examines the question of how to measure a translator's productivity, and how translators' output compares to other professionals who work with words.

Testing Translators and Interpreters looks at the current ways to evaluate skills and proficiency in translation and interpretation, how they work, and how to make the most of them.

Words versus Hours looks at the practice of paying translators by the word or hour, and how to negotiate effectively and manage jobs responsibly.

Starting a Career in Interpreting explains how to get started as an interpreter, and what to expect in the beginning.

Interpretation Errors and Abuses examines famous stories of mistakes and deceit among interpreters.

Negotiating for Translators - A brief explanation of how to negotiate rates and fees for feelance translators and interpreters, including tips and tricks to easily improve your skills.

ATA 2006 Salary Survey - An examination the ATA's salary survey from 2006 and how accurately it reflects what translators and interpreters actually make.

The Conundrum of Certification - Certification poses a series of complex issues for translators and interpreters that should be looked at closely.

Trados SDLX Certification - A new kind of certification has appeared in the translation profession, this one from an MAT software provider. So what is it, and what is it worth?

Proficiency Testing - A look at language proficiency tests as a way to create a certification, and what such tests actually offer.

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Payment Practices - A useful site for quickly identifying the payment practices of various organizations. Handy if you need to check out a potential new client.

Proz's Blue Board - An extensive list of translation agencies' payment practices, useful if you want to check up on a client's payment history.

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