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Russian Website Translation - A True Professional′s Job

Russian is the most sought after language on the internet after English. However, French and Spanish are also highly searched languages among all, but Russian still stands better in results. The reason behind the fact is that Russians have long been isolated from rest of the world and they do not find themselves comfortable with English.

People normally browse the internet in English but, for Russians, it is a bit different. English is not their first language and most of the people Russian people hardly get an experience of English in their whole life-span. This language limitation doesn′t expel them from surfing internet. Russians surf the internet for Russian content only. This fact about the Russians is no more a secret and more and more webmasters are working hard to encash it. They are now opting for Russian website translation services to capture this huge Russian-speaking market.

In the wide world of web, translating a language to another is not at all difficult. Unquestionably, there are number of translation tools which have been developing constantly. Your search for translations services can easily be accomplished through a basic search on the internet. These instant translations are enough to convey your message most of the time, but, as they are done through a machine (computer) not a person, their results sometimes are little clumsy.

A language comprises various things such as grammar, vocabulary, some local context and so on. Machine translation cannot follow every minute aspect of Russian language and usually swaps an English word for its Russian counterpart. The outcomes are often dismal and surprise the Russian native speakers with grammatically strange sentences. This easy translation by machines, serves the purpose sometimes, but when it comes to a website translation, one always desires to get the final result as accurate as possible.

Rephrasing words in Russian by machine are simply not going to provide you the results you are expecting. To get better translations, you can try other available options also. The wide world of web is full of translation tools and software but, at the same time it also directs you to thousand of websites offering professional translation service for a document or a website. You can hire any of these website translation services. These services comprise of a team of expert Russian translators. These translators know it well how to translate a website dealing with the trickiest aspect of the Russian language.

About the author:

Dima Garan

2003-2008 Kharkov National University of Economics,

Dept. of International economic relations ,

Master′s degree in "Management of foreign-economic activity".

For a long period of time I was working as a sales manager in big corporation. My duties in that corporation included work with translators who later offered me position of Executive Director in a new-coming project. The project was organization and marketing promotion of a group of linguists later named as Technical Translation Group.

Now the specialized English Russian technical translation group offers its services for technical document translation, website or software translation and proofreading services to the client who wish to expand their business globally and my work is to keep those clients satisfied with our service.

Technical Translation Group


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