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Spanish Slang Dictionary

This dictionary is a comprehensive and in-depth look at all the slang, vulgarisms, curses, and insults, plus idioms, expressions, and a lot more, available in Spanish. If you enjoy Latin American films, television, or whatever, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. As always with slang, be careful using what you hear; it may not work quite the way you expect.


echar agua al vino
idiom. water down

echar ajos y cebollas
idiom. swear; curse; rant and rave. (lit.: throw garlic and onions)

echar de menos
idiom. miss; feel the absence of. (lit.: to throw less). 1. Puedes pasar una temporada en un país extranjero sin echar de menos tu comida, tu ropa o tú café favorito.

echar el toro a algn
idiom. scold somebody severely. (lit.: throw the bull to somebody)

echar mano a
idiom. lay hands on; get one's hands on

echar mano de
idiom. make use of; resort to

echar por el atajo
idiom. take the easy way out. (lit.: throw for the shortcut)

echar un mano
idiom. help; assist. (lit.: to throw less)

echar un ojo a
idiom. have one’s eye on; covet. (lit.: to throw an eye at)

echar un vistazo
idiom. look around; glance; take a look. (lit.: to throw less)

echar una bronca
idiom. hit hard; come down on

echar una furia
idiom. throw a fit

echar una mano a algn
idiom. let someone a hand; give someone a hand; help someone

echarle los perros a algn
idiom. come down hard on someone. (lit.: throw dogs at someone)

echarlo todo a rodar
idiom. mess it all up; make a mess of everything

echarse un novio/-a
idiom. get a boy/girlfriend. (used in Spain)

edad de pavo
n.f. smart-aleck; smarty pants; adolescent who thinks he or shes knows everything about everything

el cuatro es nota, el resto es lugo
idiom. four is passing, anything else is a luxury. (used in Argentina)

el pensamiento no tiene/conoce barreras
idiom. you can think whatever you like. (lit.: thought does not have/know barriers)

el que se pica, ajos come
idiom. if the shoe fits, wear it

el último grito
idiom. the latest thing. (lit.: the latest cry)

n.m. cow; whale; fat woman. (lit.: elephant)

en absoluto
idiom. at all; (not) at all. (usually used with a negative verb). 1. No, en absoluto.

en adelante
idiom. from now on

en bolas
idiom. naked; nude; in the buff. (Spain usage; lit: in balls)

en bolas
idiom. in a group; together. (Mexican usage; lit.: in balls)

en cambio
idiom. on the other hand

en carne viva
idiom. in the flesh. (lit.: in living meat)

en caso de
idiom. in case of; in case

en cuanto a
idiom. as for; when it comes to. (lit.: in how much to)

en cuerpo y alma
idiom. body and soul

en definitiva
idiom. in short; in brief

en el acto
idiom. in the act; red-handed

en el medio de la nada
idiom. in the middle of nowhere. (lit.: in the middle of (the) nothing)

en fin
idiom. in short; in brief

en lo más mínimo
idiom. in the least bit

en lugar de
idiom. insted of, in place of. (lit.: in place of)

en manos de
idiom. in the hands of

en pie de
idiom. on the verge of. (lit.: at (the) foot of)

en pos de
idiom. in pursuit of; after

en realidad
idiom. actually; really; in reality

en resumen
idiom. in sum; in brief; briefly

en seguida
idiom. right away; at once; immediately

en serio
idiom. really, truly, seriously. (lit.: in serious)

en todo caso
idiom. in any case; in any event; anyway

en tu/su lugar
idiom. in your/his/her place. (lit.: in your/his/her place)

en un abrir y cerrar de ojos
idiom. very quickly; in a flash; in the blink of an eye. (lit.: in the opening and closing of eyes.

en un decir amén
idiom. in a flash; in a jiffy; in next to no time. (lit.: in the saying of amen)

en vez de
idiom. instead of. (lit.: in time of)

n.m./f. someone who falls in love often or easily

n.m./f. someone with connections. (used in Spain)

v. be involved with somebody; be going out with somebody. (used in Argentina)

v. get involved (romantically with someone). (used in Spain)

entrar a hurtadillas
idiom. sneak in

entrar a saco
idiom. burst in; storm in. (lit.: to enter at sack)

entrar bien
idiom. go down well

entrar de maravilla
idiom. go down well

entre algodones
idiom. be pampered; be coddled. (lit.: between cotton)

entre bromas y veras
idiom. half-joking(ly); half-serious(ly). (lit.: between jokes and truths)

entre manos
idiom. on hand; at hand; immediately available

int. wow; oh. (n.b.: often used as “epa, epa” for greaer emphasis)

es la salsa de la vida
idiom. it's the spice of life

estallar en vivas
idiom. burst into applause. (lit.: to burst into lives)

estar a cargo
idiom. be in charge

estar a dieta
idiom. be on a diet. (lit.: to be at diet)

estar a disgusto
idiom. be unhappy; be displeased

estar a la miseria
idiom. be in a bad way; be in a bad state

estar a salvo
idiom. be safe; be secure. (lit.: to be at saved)

estar a tope
idiom. be very busy

estar abocado al frasco
idiom. be doomed to failure

estar al loro
idiom. be on the alert; know the score. (lit.: be at the parrot)

estar al palo
idiom. have an erection; be hard

estar al tanto
idiom. be abreast; be up to date. (lit.: to be at the such)

estar como agua para chocolate
idiom. be at the boiling point. (lit.: like water for chocolate. Indicates a boiling point of anger or passion. Note that this phrase was used as the title for a movie, translated into English as “Like Water for Chocolate.”)

estar como el burro del aguador; cargado de agua y muerto de sed
idiom. not to see what's right before one's eyes. (lit.: be like the watercarrier's donkey; laden with water and dying of thirst; n.b.: a Mexican expression)

estar como las propias rosas
idiom. feel entirely at ease

estar como tres en un zapato
idiom. be packed like sardines; be crammed in. (lit.: be like three in one shoe)

estar con el agua al cuello
idiom. be up to one’s neck in problems; be over a barrel. (lit.: be with water at one’s collar)

estar con el agua al cuello
idiom. be up to one's neck in something. (lit.: have water up to one's neck; n.b.: a Mexican saying)

estar conforme
idiom. be satisfied

estar curtido en
idiom. be expert at; be skilled at. (lit.: be tanned, hardened in)

estar de bromas
idiom. be in a jokeing mood. (lit.: to be for jokes)

estar de buenas
idiom. be in a good mood

estar de juerga
idiom. go out on the town; party; go clubbing

estar de la cabeza
idiom. be nuts; be insane

estar de oferta
idiom. be on sale; be discounted

estar de Rodrígues
idiom. be left on one's own. (lit.: be Rodrigues; used in Spain)

estar de viaje
idiom. be on vacation; be away (on vacation)

estar de vuelta
idiom. be back; have returned

estar del tomate
idiom. be nuts; be insane. (n.b.: not used much anymore)

estar en ascuas
idiom. be on pins and needles; be on tenerhooks. (lit.: to be on coals)

estar en Babia
idiom. have one’s head in the clouds. (lit.: to be in Babia)

estar en camino
idiom. be on the way; be coming

estar en el ajo
idiom. be involved in; be mixed up in; be in the know. (lit.: to be in the garlic)

estar en el orno
idiom. be in a tight spot; be very anxious. (used in Argentina)

estar en juego
idiom. be in play; be up for grabs. (lit.: to be in play)

estar en juego
idiom. be at stake. (lit.: to be in play)

estar en la buena
idiom. be in a good mood; be in luck. (used in the Andes region)

estar en la luna
idiom. be on cloud nine; be out to lunch. (lit.: to be on the moon)

estar en la miseria
idiom. be broke; be poor. (used in Spain)

estar en su salsa
idiom. be in one's element

estar harto de
idiom. be fed up with; have had it with. (lit.: to be exhausted)

estar hasta el gorro
idiom. be fed up; have had it. (used in Spain)

estar hasta el moño
idiom. be fed up; have had it. (used in Spain)

estar hasta la coronilla
idiom. be fed up; have had it

estar hasta las narices
idiom. be fed up; have had it. (used in Spain)

estar hasta los cojones
idiom. be fed up; have had it. (vulgar)

estar hecho un palo
idiom. be as skinny as a rake; be very thin

estar hecho una flauta
idiom. be thin as a rake. (lit.: be like a flute)

estar loco por algo
idiom. be crazy for something; be nuts about something

estar mal de dinero
idiom. be hard up; have money problems

estar mal de la azotea
idiom. be off one’s rocker; be nuts; be crazy. (lit.: to be bad in the roof)

estar para el arrastre
idiom. be done in; be dead on one’s feet; have had it. (lit.: to be for dragging)

estar pedo
idiom. be sloshed; be drunk; be pissed; be high

estar que arde
idiom. be fuming; be hopping mad; be seething. (lit.: to be that which burns)

estar seguro (de que)
idiom. be sure; be certain. (lit.: to be sure)

estar sin animo
idiom. be down; be in low spirits

estar sin pasta
idiom. be broke; be poor

estar sin plata
idiom. be broke; be poor

estar sin un duro
idiom. be broke; be poor. (used in Spain)

esto es el colmo
idiom. that’s the last straw

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