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Spanish Slang Dictionary

This dictionary is a comprehensive and in-depth look at all the slang, vulgarisms, curses, and insults, plus idioms, expressions, and a lot more, available in Spanish. If you enjoy Latin American films, television, or whatever, you'll find many of the words and phrases used in here. As always with slang, be careful using what you hear; it may not work quite the way you expect.


dar a entender
idiom. let someone know

dar a la luz
idiom. give birth. (lit.: to give to the light)

dar cabilla
v. fuck; screw; have sex with

dar la bienvenida
idiom. welcome. (lit.: to give the welcome)

dar la lata
idiom. be a nuisance; annoy. (lit.: to give the tin)

dar lástima
idiom. make someone sad (to). (lit.: to give pain/sadness)

dar luz verde
idiom. give a green light to; permit; allow; clear

dar muerte a
idiom. kill someone

dar nacimiento a
idiom. give rise to

dar palo
idiom. hate; dislike; be unfortunate

dar permiso
idiom. permit; allow; give permission

dar risa
idiom. make one laugh; make one smile

dar un paseo a caballo
idiom. go horseback riding; ride a horse

dar un patatús a alguien
idiom. make someone have a fit. (lit.: to give someone a fit)

dar un salto
idiom. jump; give a start; start. (lit.: to give a jump)

dar un vergajo
idiom. screw; fuck; have sex with; shag

dar una de cal y otra de arena
idiom. use a carrot-and-stick policy

dar una fiesta
idiom. give a party

dar una vuelta
idiom. go for a ride

dar vida a
idiom. portray; play. (i.e.: an actor playing a role)

darle a alguien mala espina
idiom. make someone feel uneasy. (lit.: to give bad thorns to someone)

darse cuenta de
idiom. be aware; realize. (lit.: to give oneself account of)

darse por vencido
idiom. give up; give in. (lit.: to give oneself as defeated)

darse prisa
idiom. hurry; rush; do (something) fast. (lit.: to give one urgency)

de abrigo
idiom. a handful; someone to watch out for. (lit.: coat, overcoat)

de ahí en adelante
idiom. from now on; from here onward. (lit.: from here in forward)

de ahora en adelante
idiom. from now on; henceforth; from this moment forward. (lit.: from now in advance)

de armas tomar
idiom. formidable; tough; redoubtable. (lit.: for taking up arms)

de buena gana
idiom. willingly; with ease; with pleasure. (lit.: of good desire)

de buenas a primeras
idiom. suddenly; without warning

de cal y canto
idiom. strong; firm

de costumbre
idiom. as usual; normally

de cuando en cuando
idiom. from time to time; sometimes; once in a while. (lit.:  of when in when)

de diario
idiom. everyday

de golpe
idiom. suddenly; abruptly; at once; all at once. (lit.: of a blow or strike)

de hecho
idiom. in fact, in reality. (lit.: of fact). 1. De hecho, qiuero ir contigo.

de inmediato
idiom. right now, immediately. (lit.: from immediately)

de miedo
idiom. fantastic(ally); wonderful(ly); brilliant(ly). (used in Spain)

de moda
idiom. in fashion; in style

de modo que
idiom. so; so that

de mucho cuidado
idiom. big; terrible; real. (used adverbially)

de nada
idiom. not at all; you’re welcome; don’t mention it. (n.b.: often said in response to “gracías”)

de nuevo
idiom. again; once again; anew. (lit.: of new)

de oro
idiom. great; good; very good; wonderful. 1. Ella tiene una voz de oro.

de par en par
idiom. wide open. (lit.: from rafter to rafter)

de perlas
idiom. just what someone needs; just right; go/fit perfectly. (lit.: of pearls)

de perros
idiom. foul; horrible; dirty

de pocas luces
idiom. dim; dull; stupid

de pronto
idiom. suddenly; at once; all at once. (lit.: of soon)

de puta madre
idiom. bitchin’; fucking great. (n.b.: used in Spain in the 1980s)

de repente
idiom. abruptly, suddenly. (lit.: of soon)

de tal palo, tal astilla
idiom. like father, like son. (lit.: of such a broom, such a splinter)

de todas maneras
idiom. in any case; anyway

de todos modos
idiom. anyway; at any rate. (lit.: to the monkfish)

de un modo u otro
idiom. one way or another

de un momento a otro
idiom. at any moment

de una vez
idiom. now

de veras
idiom. really, truly. (lit.: of fact, truth)

de vez en cuando
idiom. sometimes; now and then. (lit.: from once in when)

decir amén a todo
idiom. say yes to everything; agree to everything. (lit.: to say amen to everything)

decir en broma
idiom. kid; joke; tease. (lit.: to say (as a) joke)

dejar a alg en las astas del toro
idiom. leave someone high and dry; leave someone in the lurch. (lit.: to leave someone on the horns of the bull)

dejar de lado
idiom. set aside; put aside. (lit.: to leave from (the) side)

dejar en paz
idiom. leave alone; leave be; let it be. (lit.: to leave in peace)

n.m.pl. drat; darn it. (lit.: demons; n.b.: used as a euphemism for stronger interjections and expletives)

n.m. breakfast

desde hacía rato
idiom. for some time

desde luego
idiom. of course; certainly. (lit.: after then/later)

n.f. odd time of day or night; off hours. (usually refers to late night hours)

n.m. mess; disaster. (used in Latin America)

di que sí
idiom. go for it

int. drat; darn it. (euphemism for stronger phrases)

n.m./f. great person. (used in Argentina). 1. Mi prof es un dies.

adj. thick; stupid. (back slang; used mainly in the Cono del Sur)

n.m/f. asshole; jerk
back slang; used mainly in the Cono del Sur)

Don Fulano
n.m. Mr. So-and-so

don Nadie
n.m. nobody; loser; a person of little importance or power. (lit.: don/mr. Nothing. Used throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Doña Fulana
n.f. Mrs. So-and-so

dormir el vino
idiom. sleep off a hangover

dormir juntos
idiom. sleep together. (n.b.: in the sexual sense)

dulce de leche
n.m. sweet; great; wonderful. (used to describe someone or something that is appealing, and often sweet in taste)

dulce de leche
n.m./f. attractive, appealing person. (used in Argentina)

n.m./f. dumb person. (used in Argentina)

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