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Names of Phobias in English

English provides a rather extensive list of all the possible things people can be afraid of. Although phobias in the clinical sense must be taken seriously, the names for some of the more unlikely phobias can be quite entertaining. The list below includes both the phobias found in psychiatry as well as some more fanciful ones. Enjoy.

Scriptophobia Fear of writing
Selaphobia Fear of flashing light
Siderodromophobia Fear of train travel
Skiaphobia Fear of shadows
Sociophobia Fear of friendship, society
Soleiphobia Fear of worms
Sophophobia Fear of knowledge
Spectrophobia Fear of looking in the mirror
Stasiphobia Fear of standing
Staurophobia Fear of crosses or crucifixes
Stenophobia Fear of narrow places
Stygiophobia Fear of hell
Swinophobia Fear of swine
Syngenescophobia Fear of family members, relatives
Tacophobia Fear of speed
Taeniophobia Fear of tapeworms
Taphephobia Fear of cemeteries, being buried alive
Tapinophobia Fear of small things
Taurophobia Fear of bulls
Teleophobia Fear of religious ceremonies
Telephonophobia Fear of using the telephone
Teutophobia Fear of German people
Thalassophobia Fear of the sea
Thanatophobia Fear of death, dying
Thassophobia Fear of sitting idle
Theatrophobia Fear of theaters
Theophobia Fear of God
Thermophobia Fear of heat
Tomophobia Fear of surgical operations
Topophobia Fear of certain places
Trichophobia Fear of hair
Triskaidekaphobia Fear of the number 13
Tropophobia Fear of changes
Uranophobia Fear of homosexuality
Vaccinophobia Fear of vaccines
Verbaphobia Fear of words
Xenophobia Fear of foreigners
Xerophobia Fear of dry places, like deserts
Zoophobia Fear of animals

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