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Names of Phobias in English

English provides a rather extensive list of all the possible things people can be afraid of. Although phobias in the clinical sense must be taken seriously, the names for some of the more unlikely phobias can be quite entertaining. The list below includes both the phobias found in psychiatry as well as some more fanciful ones. Enjoy.

Lachanophobia Fear of vegetables
Ladiophobia Fear of talking
Lepraphobia Fear of leprosy
Lilapsophobia Fear of tornadoes
Linonophobia Fear of string
Lygophobia Fear of dark
Lyssiophobia Fear of becoming mad
Macrophobia Fear of long waits
Maieusiophobia Fear of childbirth
Merinthophobia Fear of being bound
Metereophobia Fear of weather
Methalophobia Fear of large things
Metrophobia Fear of poetry
Molysomophobia Fear of infection
Monophobia Fear of being alone
Motorphobia Fear of motor vehicles
Musciophobia Fear of music
Musophobia Fear of mice
Myrmecophobia Fear of lice
Nephophobia Fear of clouds
Nosophobia Fear of becoming ill
Novercaphobia Fear of one's stepmother
Nyctophobia Fear of darkness
Ochlophobia Fear of crowds
Odontophobia Fear of teeth, especially those of animals
Odynophobia Fear of pain
Oenophobia Fear of wine
Olfactophobia Fear of smells
Ombrophobia Fear of rain
Onomatophobia Fear of a certain word or name
Ophthalmophobia Fear of being stared at
Ornithophobia Fear of birds
Pantophobia Fear of everything
Papaphobia Fear of the pope or the papacy
Paralipophobia Fear of responsibility
Paraphobia Fear of sexual perversion
Parthenophobia Fear of young girls
Peccatiphobia Fear of sinning
Pedophobia Fear of dolls
Peniaphobia Fear of poverty
Pentheraphobia Fear of one's mother-in-law
Phagophobia Fear of eating are swallowing
Pharmacophobia Fear of drugs
Phengophobia Fear of daylight
Philophobia Fear of falling in love or being loved
Phobophobia Fear of fear
Photophobia Fear of light
Pnigophobia Fear of choking
Politicophobia Fear of politicians
Ponophobia Fear of fatigue
Potomophobia Fear of rivers
Pyrophobia Fear of fire
Rhabdophobia Fear of criticism, punishment, being beaten
Rhytiphobia Fear of getting wrinkles
Russophobia Fear of Russian people

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