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Names of Phobias in English

English provides a rather extensive list of all the possible things people can be afraid of. Although phobias in the clinical sense must be taken seriously, the names for some of the more unlikely phobias can be quite entertaining. The list below includes both the phobias found in psychiatry as well as some more fanciful ones. Enjoy.

Coprophobia Fear of excrement
Cremnophobia Fear of precipices
Crystallophobia Fear of glass
Cynophobia Fear of termites
Cyrophobia Fear of frost, ice
Deipnophobia Fear of dining and dining conversation
Demophobia Fear of crowds
Dendrophobia Fear of trees
Dentophobia Fear of going to the dentist
Dinophobia Fear of whirlpools
Diplopiaphobia Fear of double vision
Diplychiphobia Fear of accidents
Domatophobia Fear of being in a house
Dromophobia Fear of crossing streets
Dysmorphophobia Fear of deformity
Ecophobia Fear of home
Eisoptrophobia Fear of termites
Elektrophobia Fear of electricity
Emetophobia Fear of vomiting
Entonophobia Fear of ticks
Entophobia Fear of insects
Eosophobia Fear of dawn
Ergasophobia Fear of work
Erotophobia Fear of sexual feelings
Erythrophobia Fear of blushing, the color red
Eurotophobia Fear of female genitals
Febriphobia Fear of fever
Galeophobia Fear of sharks
Gallophobia Fear of French people
Gamophobia Fear of marriage
Gephyrophobia Fear of crossing bridges
Gerascophobia Fear of growing old
Glossophobia Fear of speaking in public
Graphophobia Fear of writing
Gymnophobia Fear of nudity
Gynephobia Fear of women
Hagiophobia Fear of saints and the holy
Halophobia Fear of speaking
Hamartophobia Fear of error or sin
Haphephobia Fear of touching, being touched
Hedenophobia Fear of pleasure
Heliophobia Fear of the sun
Hematophobia Fear of the sight of blood
Herpetophobia Fear of reptiles
Hippophobia Fear of horses
Hmilophobia Fear of sermons
Hodophobia Fear of travel
Homichlophobia Fear of fog, humidity
Hylophobia Fear of wood
Hylophobia Fear of forests, woods
Ichthyophobia Fear of fish
Kenophobia Fear of large, empty spaces
Kinesophobia Fear of motion
Kleptophobia Fear of thieves
Kopophobia Fear of mental or physical examination

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